lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

Last 26th , a group of teachers from our English Department  attended a course in Granada "Preparing Students for Speaking and Listening Exams".  It was really interesting and we are looking forward to beginning to put it in practice.


 Third session of Learning Together (2nd grade Pre- primary an 5th grade Primary)

Once again, last Wednesday, students from 2nd grade pre-primary and 5th grade primary were together. On this ocassion, we began our session, praying Our Father and Hail Mary  together; then, we were working with vocabulary related to clothes, and just to  finish we all sang a song (Total physical response).
Una vez más, el pasado miércoles, los alumnos de  infantil cuatro años y  5º de primaria estuvimos juntos. en esta ocasión, empezamos rezando el Padre Nuestro y el Av María en inglés, luego estuvimos trabajando con vocabulario relacionado con la ropa, y terminamos cantando una canción.

jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

The third session of "Learning Together" (3rd grade Pre-Primary and 6th grade Primary Education)

Yesterday, students from 3rd grade Pre-Primary and students from 6th grade Primary Education, had the third session of "Learning Together". The younger students taught their godfathers/godmothers  the song "Can you help me?" and the flashcards about the vocabulary they have worked during the unit 3, in which they have learned vocabulary referring to places in a city: school, restaurant, shop, fire Station and playground. After, they did a listening of these places and stick the stickers, in their English books, corresponding to what their godparents were telling them. Finally, each godfather/godmother played with different objects of the class to review, with their godsons/goddaughters, concepts such as numbers, colors ...

Ayer, los alumnos/as de 3º de Infantil (5 años) y los alumnos/as de 6º de Educación Primaria, tuvieron la tercera sesión de "Learning Together". Los más pequeños enseñaron a sus padrinos/madrinas la canción "Can you help me?" y las flashcards sobre el vocabulario que han trabajado durante esta unidad 3, en la que han aprendido vocabulario referente a lugares de una ciudad: colegio, restaurante, tienda, estación de bomberos y parque. Después, hicimos un listening de estos lugares y pegaron las pegatinas, en sus libros de inglés, correspondientes a lo que sus padrinos les iban diciendo. Para finalizar, cada padrino/madrina jugó con diferentes objetos de la clase para repasar, con sus ahijados/ahijadas, conceptos como los números, los colores...

sábado, 21 de enero de 2017

Once again, last Friday, we had  another session of learning together, between students from primary (2nd grade) and  secondary (3rd grade).
On this ocassion, we did a mind map about living things, and another activity in which they had to distinguish between man-made things an natural things.
Students did it very well.

lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Our first listening (3rd grade pre-primary)

The last friday, students from 3rd grade pre-primary played the game "Point to" to revise the vocabulary of the unit 3 "Where is Greenman?" about places of a city: school, fire station, playground, hospital, shop and restaurant. Later, they did their first "listening" to work the concepts "near" and "far". It was amusing!

El pasado viernes, los alumnos de 3º de Infantil jugaron al juego "Point to" para repasar el vocabulario de la unidad 3 "¿Dónde está Greenman?" sobre lugares de una ciudad: colegio, estación de bomberos, parque infantil, hospital, tienda y restaurante. Después, hicieron su primer "listening" para trabajar los conceptos "cerca" y "lejos". ¡Fue divertido!