domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017


Welcome back again!
Halloween is coming and from the English Department,   we would like to thank pupils from Secondary 4th for helping us to prepare our school to celebrate Halloween. This week we will learning about Halloween traditions and of course about All Day Saint´s Day.
Children, thanks a lot  you are the best.

miércoles, 25 de octubre de 2017

Students of Pre-Primary five year old review the vocabulary of unit 1

Last Monday, students of Pre-Primary five year old, reviewed the vocabulary learned from unit 1 about the morning routines, such as "get up", "get dressed", "wash your face/hands", "brush your hair, "have breakfast" and "brush your teeth". They have had to be very attentive to listen to the teacher to stick the correct stickers. To finish, we listened to the song "A new day".

El pasado lunes, los alumnos/as de 5 años de Infantil, repasaron el vocabulario aprendido en la unidad 1 sobre las rutinas de la mañana, tales como  "levantarse", "vestirse", "lavarse la cara/manos", "cepillarse el pelo", "desayunar" y "cepillarse los dientes". Ellos/as han tenido que estar muy atentos para escuchar a la seño y pegar las pegatinas correctas. Para finalizar, escuchamos la canción "Un nuevo día".
Click on the image to listen to the song

Welcome back to school!

We wish you a wonderful school year!