domingo, 1 de julio de 2018

Our last session of learning Together 1ºCSE and 4 years old

     And just to finish the course, we had our last sessión of learning together on the 22rd.

     Students from the first CSE, drew a picture for students from preprimary four year old .

     We began our sesssion revising all we have learnt this year and finished dancing and singing a song.

     It has been really a pleasure to share this experience. We are looking forward to coming back next year.


viernes, 4 de mayo de 2018

6º Session students of 4 years old and 1º CSE

  On this session, students of four years old and 1st Compulsory Secondary Education students have seen the worksheet: trace, count and match from 1 to 6 .

  To consolidate vocabulary learnt us this unit, students of CSE asked students of four years the farm animals: horse, hen, pig, rabbit, sheep, and cow.

  This time , this session was explained by teacher-to-be José Manuel Martinez García.


lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Are you ready?

Students of Pre-Primary have started the understanding project "We are gnomes", with which we will learn about cubs (3 years old), insects (4 years old) and marine world (5 years old). We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

Los alumnos/as de Educación Infantil, han comenzado el proyecto de comprensión "Somos gnomos", con el que vamos a aprender sobre cachorros (3 años), insectos (4 años) y la vida en el mar (5 años). ¡Esperamos que lo disfrutéis tanto como nosotros!

Learning together - 3rd session / tercera sesión

Last Thursday we had the third session of learning together between 4th graders and secondary. On this occasion we practised the second part of the movers Cambridge exam. It was their first time, but they did it very well, they really like working together. Here you can see some pictures.

El pasado jueves tuvimos la tercera sesión de "learning together" entre alumnos de cuarto de primaria y secundaria. En esta ocasión practicamos la segunda parte del examen de movers de Cambridge. Fue su primera vez, pero lo hicieron muy bien, les gusta mucho trabajar juntos. Aquí podéis ver algunas fotos.